Conservative Values

Greg introduced HB 702 calling for a statue featuring the 10 Commandments, Preamble to the United States and Georgia Constitutions displayed at the Capitol.

Greg knows that our freedoms originated with God’s laws and God’s blessings have made our country great. Our founders recognized that and included God in their writings, symbols and plans for our nation. We have to do the same if we want to return our nation and our state to its former greatness.

In addition, Greg co-sponsored legislation (HB707) to stop Obamacare in Georgia.


The Obama economy has destroyed middle class America. Greg works every day to put Georgian’s back to work and to create a better work environment for those that currently have jobs.

A major supporter of technical education, Greg works hand in hand with the Department of Economic Development to help secure new businesses and new jobs to locate in South Georgia. Greg also supports reducing or eliminating the burdensome regulations on small businesses.

Drug Testing for Welfare Recipients

When you apply for a job you may have to take a drug test or submit to one randomly as part of being able to remain employed. Rep. Morris thinks that anyone that is getting government benefits should have the same requirements. It’s just common sense. That’s why Greg introduced HB 772 to test welfare recipients just like working Georgians are tested.

Lower Taxes / Smaller Government

Greg has fought for lower taxes for years. Georgia is the 10th lowest state in the US on a per capita basis for taxes thanks to his hard work. Greg has consistently voted for balancing the state budget without raising taxes.

Greg is a small government conservative. We have 12,000 less state employees today than in 2009. Greg will fight any attempt to raise your taxes and will keep working to reduce the size of government. That’s why we have a AAA Bond rating in Georgia!


As the father of two boys in middle school, Greg knows how important education is. That’s why he is supporting Gov. Deal’s increase for teachers in the state budget. It’s also why Greg has been a champion for education for his entire time representing us in Atlanta.

Greg believes we should let our teachers teach and not spend the majority of their day filling out paperwork. And, when they teach, they should teach common-sense curriculum including Georgia values and not what some bureaucrats in Washington DC think need to be taught!

Every day at the General Assembly, Greg is looking for ways to lessen the paperwork load on our classroom teachers so they can focus on teaching our kids.

Pro-Life & 2nd Amendment

Greg is a rock solid conservative with a voting record that proves it. Greg doesn’t just talk the talk; he is a strong pro-life and gun rights leader in the Legislature. Every time a pro-life or pro 2nd Amendment bill is introduced, Greg Morris votes our values and has been endorsed by both Georgia Right to Life and the NRA.

Ava’s Law

In an effort to help parents deal with the costs associated with an autistic child, Greg co-sponsored HB 309 and is working to get it passed in Atlanta.